The first industrial park opened in Krasnodar

The first industrial park opened in Krasnodar

The first industrial park opened in Krasnodar

Yesterday the first industrial park of the MAGNIT company was opened in Krasnodar. Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratyev, MAGNIT Retail Chain Director Olga Naumova, Krasnodar Head Yevgeny Pervyshov took part in the opening ceremony of the park.

The park has all the necessary infrastructure for the work of a variety of industries: energy center, cold centers, water intakes, sewage treatment plants.

The first enterprise on the territory of the new industrial park was the “Kuban bread factory”. It is planned that the factory will produce products totaling 70 thousand tons per year for the stores of the MAGNIT in 65 regions of the country.

The main feature of the factory is the unification under the same roof of three separate plants: for the production of flour confectioneries, crackers and pasta. In addition, the “Kuban bread factory” is almost completely automated, some of the functions are performed by robots.

The packaging lines of the plant are equipped with high-tech AMATA equipment, in particular, multihead weighers, checkweighers and conveyor metal detectors. All AMATA equipment is manufactured in Russia, that allows us to develop domestic packaging engineering and support the process of import substitution.

The general director of the MAGNIT retailer, Olga Naumova, noted that at the beginning of 2019 another company is planning to open in the industrial park – “Confectioner of Kuban”, which will be engaged in the production of sweets.