Providing high weighing accuracy of any kind of product both in Russia and abroad.

The main goal is creation of new weighers and improvements of existing combination weighers, increasing of their speed, reliability, weighing accuracy and other operating characteristics.


The philosophy of AMATA SCALE consists of three main components: the inner spirit of the company, customers and unceasing improvement of quality.


The primary value of the company is the people who work for an effective result and improve the quality of products. Without experience and dedication of our employees, we would not be able to enter the market with confidence that we can give our customers a truly reliable and accurate equipment.

The team of AMATA SCALE are not just colleagues, it is a friendly team, which goes toward a common goal, supporting each other and overcoming all obstacles.

Together we make AMATA SCALE a place where people fully can realize their creative potential and professional self-actualization.


Another important criterion is the relationship with our customers. We try to understand the needs of each customer and offer him an individual problem solving.

The main priority for us is the professionalism, competence and responsibility for the proposed solution.

We strive for ensurance that our customers trust us, want to consult with us again and again, ask us to solve ever more complex and interesting tasks.


Our main goal is to improve the quality of our equipment. We use only reliable and time-tested design solutions. However, we never stop at what has been accomplished and continuously improve our technology and production.

We strive for the implementation of new tasks, often offering interesting and non-obvious solutions, but reliability is always a priority for us.

Each AMATA SCALE weigher means for us a unique design, a set of components and parts, located in an ideal relationship, that characterized by high quality, outstanding performance and reasonable prices.

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