Count Dispensers​

Novelty in the field of packing small-piece products

Production of Packaging and Control Equipment For the Food Industry

AMATA SCALE means high quality, reliability and individual approach to each product

Combination Weighers

High-speed and accurate class of machines designed for dosing food and non-food products by calculating the dose from several combinations.

Counting Weighers

A high-speed class of machines
designed for dosing food and non-food
finely divided products
by quantity.

Quality Control

Dynamic scales (checkweighers) and conveyor metal detectors are designed to control the quality of the product both
before and after the packaging unit.

About Us

AMATA SCALE is an association of highly qualified specialists with their long experience in the development and production of dosing and control equipment. Our engineers continuously work on quality product improvements using the latest technology.

The main goal of our company is to create new and improve existing weighers, checkweighers and metal detectors, increase the speed of their operation, reliability, accuracy and other operational characteristics. We use only high-quality components from leading European manufacturers.

Darius Navickas​

Commercial Director​

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Let's talk about crumbly curd

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Russian equipment with Austrian quality

Russian equipment with Austrian quality

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Packed with vitamins

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