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Multihead Weigher КАТЕ-210-SR

Products to be packed: Products that require a screw feed.

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Multihead weigher KATE-210-SR with screw feed is designed for accurate dosing of sticky, viscous and moist products: raw and chilled meat, shrimp, jellies, etc.

Instead of the traditional technologies based on vibration the multihead weigher uses screws to supply the product in the weigh hoppers.

All weigher parts that are in contact with the product are made of corrugated stainless steel. If necessary, all metal surfaces of the product channel may be covered with teflon. Teflon type is selected depending on characteristics of product.

To make service easier there is easily removable construction of receiving cone, screw feeders, storage and weight hoppers, deviating chutes.

All electrical and electronic parts are located in a separate box.

The weigher can be used separately for dosing product into finished containers or in conjunction with vertical packaging machines.



  • Combination Speed, max — 70 packs per minute
  • Weighing Method — Single Point Load Cell
  • Tare, min — 0.015 kg
  • Tare, max — 1.5 kg
  • Combination Accuracy — 0.1 g
  • No. of Scales — 10 Heads
  • Hopper Volume — 2500 cc
  • Power — AC220V, 230V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption — 1.5 kW
  • Dust/Water Protection — IP 65
  • Outer Dimensions, not over — 1056(L) x 1126(W) x 1329(H) mm
  • Weight, not over — 400 kg


Receiving Cone

Rotary Dispenser (Conical Dispenser)

Screw Feeders

Pool Hoppers

Weigh Hoppers

Weight-measuring Units

Control Computer

Control Board

Deviating Chutes