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Semi-automatic Weigher BERTHA-116-L

Products to be packed: Large-sized piece products: lump meat, fish, etc.


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Semi-automatic combination weigher is specially designed for dosing large-sized piece goods, such as fish, meat, etc.

Operator places the product into weigh hoppers.

All metal parts that are in contact with the product are made of smooth stainless steel. The surface of weigh hoppers and chutes is made of dimple stainless steel. The working surface of the conveyor belts are made of PVC.

The construction of conveyors allows to service, clean and repair the weigher without complete disassembly.

The construction of transporters and drives is arranged such that the product is protected against ingress of lubricants.

All electrical and electronic parts are located in a separate box.

Possible dosing modes:

  • dosing mode that is established with finite weight (classic method), when the dose is reset at the same time from all hoppers;
  • sequential dose dumping mode when the product is mounted in series with specified time delay. Wherein each intermediate weight perceived as a separate package.



  • Combination Speed, max — 25 packs per minute
  • Weighing Method — Single Point Load Cell
  • Tare, min — 0.1 kg
  • Tare, max — 15 kg
  • Combination Accuracy — 0.1 g
  • No. of Scales — 16 Heads
  • Maximum Volume for Weighing — 2500 cc
  • Size of Product Fraction, not over — 450 х 130 х 60 mm
  • Power — AC220V, 230V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption — 1.0-1.5 kW
  • Dust/Water Protection — IP 65
  • Outer Dimensions, not over — 1200(L) x 1844(W) x 2610(H) mm
  • Weight, not over — 900 kg


Distribution Conveyor

Weigh Hoppers

Weight-measuring Units

Control Computer

Control Board

Branch Conveyor