Professional and timely service makes it possible to organize the production process with maximal efficiency, eliminates lengthy downtime and associated costs. It is the key to the successful equipment operation.

When you take delivery of your new combination weigher AMATA from AMATA SCALE or from authorized dealers of AMATA SCALE, you receive a comprehensive warranty to ensure you enjoy confident packaging. So if any part of your combination weigher requires repair or replacement during the warranty period, as a result of a manufacturing defect, the work will be done free of charge by AMATA SCALE’s service engineers.

AMATA SCALE reserves the right to determine the necessary amount of work and a way of fault clearance when the warranty repair of combination weighers.

Every standart conbination weigher comes with a 2-year/20,000,000 operating cycles warranty. Every special conbination weigher comes with a 1-year warranty with unlimited amount of operating cycles.

The warranty period for new combination weighers AMATA

KATE-210-R, KATE-214-R 2-year/20,000,000 operating cycles
KATE-220-R, КАТЕ-228-R 2-year/20,000,000 operating cycles
KATE-228-MR, KATE-210-BR 1-year/no limitation
KATE-210-SR, KATE-214-SR 1-year/no limitation
KATE-210-R30, KATE-214-R30 1-year/no limitation
KATE-210-CR, KATE-214-CR 1-year/no limitation
KATE-210-KR, KATE-214-KR 1-year/no limitation
KATE-210-LT, KATE-210-LV 1-year/no limitation
BERTHA-116-L 1-year/no limitation


The warranty period for certain specific elements may not concur with the warranty period for whole combination weigher.

While our warranties are comprehensive, there are some things we don’t cover – consumables, lubricants and wearing  parts.

AMATA SCALE is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result of non observance of the terms of transportation, storage, installation, assembly, electrical networking, precommissioning and subsequent operation of the equipment that are presented in technical documentation.

If the warranty period has expired or been terminated, you can still contact us and order the after-sales service for your combination weigher. The cost of this service will be calculated  according to the number and complexity of operations.

Spare parts and accessories

AMATA SCALE also offers a wide range of spares and component parts for combination weighers AMATA. If any item fails, you can order a new one and replace it quickly, eliminating downtime.

You can find out the cost of spare parts and accessories by sending us a request with names the details that you are interested in.

Place an order for service or for spare parts:

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