Сontrol over the weight of goods will be improved in Russia

Сontrol over the weight of goods will be improved in Russia

In 2019 new markings will appear for consumer goods — a sign of protection against underweight and underfilling, Rosstandart said. The new “F” mark will ensure that the volume of products in case of non-compliance with exactly the declared weight will be within the limits of the permissible error.

The head of Rosstandart, Alexei Abramov, in an interview for Rossiyskaya Gazeta, said that the agency would “respond toughly” to systematic violations of standards that set the limits for the permissible error of weight or volume for packaged goods. In the particular case, for example, if in a sugar package 15 kg or more, then underweight is 500 grams permissible.

Rosstandart promises to approve GOST by April, which will set out requirements for the packaging of consumer goods in terms of weight, as well as methods for checking them. This will require new lab equipment. It is assumed that the manufacturer will be able to volunteer himself to carry out this procedure, and then send an application for receipt.

With the introduction of the new standard, the reliability of the weight and volume of the product packaging will be guaranteed by the Rosstandard conducting systematic inspection control over the compliance of the certified packaging with GOST.

To control the weight of various commodity units in the production of AMATA SCALE, two types of checkweighers are produced, suitable for weighing various commodity controlled objects: individual packages with a product, piece products, group packaging, etc.

The checkweigher can be additionally equipped with a metal detector, a screener, a sorter and other options that will allow you to find the optimal solution for each product.