NEW! Pure-Pak AMATA checkweigher

NEW! Pure-Pak AMATA checkweigher

This week the AMATA team tested a new checkweigher specifically designed to check the weight of packages like Pure-Pak or Tetra-Pak.

Strong and resistant to mechanical damage, Pure Pak packaging and Tetra Pak packaging are very popular among manufacturers of liquid products: milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, juice, nectar, wine and so on. Due to their shape, they are convenient for production and transportation, and also allow color printing on the entire surface of the bag.

In addition, this type of packaging has excellent barrier properties and ensures the necessary level of tightness, which increases the shelf life of the products.

The new AMATA-CW checkweigher is presented in a special IP65 design to provide the ability to work in industries with increased requirements for moisture protection.

The special design of the feed conveyor is made in such a way as to delicately support the packages in an upright position and carefully move them to the weighing platform. Deformation of the packaging in this case is excluded.

The weight of each package is determined in dynamics and is recorded in statistics. Packages with deviations in weight are rejected using a special spatula. Productivity up to 100 packages per minute.

Like all other AMATA equipment, the new AMATA-CW checkweigher is equipped with high-quality Austrian electronics from our partners — B&R Automation.

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