Radial dispenser for curd at work (video)

Radial dispenser for curd at work (video)

At the end of July, the head of the AMATA SKALE service department held a meeting with representatives of a large dairy processing plant in the Lipetsk region.

During the meeting, an inspection was carried out of the AMATA equipment, which is currently working on the filling and packaging line of loose cottage cheese.

Earlier, we wrote about the AMATA 100CW checkweigher, specially designed for checking the weight of Pure-Pak or Tetra-Pak packages. Today we will talk about a dispenser for filling curd by weight – KATE-214-CR.

It is a multihead weigher specially designed for filling “difficult” products like curd. Due to the fact that all elements of the grocery tract are designed in such a way as to exclude sticking of the product as much as possible, the weighing accuracy of the dispenser remains normal even after prolonged operation. However, we recommend that you routinely clean the dispenser from the product at least once a shift.

Actual performance of the KATE-214-CR batcher depends on the consistency and moisture content of the curd. The kinematic performance of such a multihead can reach 70 times per minute. The capacity limitation depends on the speed of movement and fall of the curd particles, as well as the performance of the packaging equipment.

Since dairy production requires increased hygiene the KATE-214-CR dispenser is designed with an IP 65 protection degree, which provides complete protection against dust and water jets. Thus, the dispenser is easy and convenient to clean from product residues. In addition, easily removable elements of the food tract can be additionally cleaned and decontaminated in a separate chamber.

Like the rest of the AMATA equipment, the KATE-214-CR multihead batcher in the basic configuration is equipped with the ability to collect statistics and the ability to connect to enterprise automation systems for remote monitoring and control of production processes.

If you want to learn more about AMATA equipment for packing cottage cheese, you can look formore information to the “Projects” section, where information about our most interesting projects is collected. The project ‘Packing crumbly curd’ is dedicated to this line, here you can see the entire project line, learn its features and appreciate its advantages.

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