Metal Detectors AMATA-MD

We produce each Metal Detector for a particular product. Specifications are subject to change depending on the characteristics of the product.



  • The length of the controlling object, max — Not limited
  • Detection system — Coil
  • Size of detectable particles — nonferrous alloys(1,5 mm);  stainless steel(2,0 mm); carbon steel(1,2 mm)
  • Speed of the belt — Depends of the output required
  • Dust/Water Protection — IP 54 / IP 65
  • Power — AC220V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption — 0.5 kW
  • Version — Painted Metal, Stainless Steel

Metal Detectors AMATA mean:

  • Fast response;
  • No misoperations;
  • Adjustable speed of the coveyor belt;
  • Fast rejection of failed packs;
  • Reliability growth.

You can order Metal Detectors AMATA: