For each new unit of AMATA equipment purchased directly from AMATA SCALE or from our authorized dealers, the official AMATA SCALE warranty applies.

For typical AMATA multiheads, the warranty period is 2 years or 20,000,000 cycles (whichever comes first).

For special AMATA equipment warranty period is 12 months without limiting the number of operating cycles.

Warranty period for new AMATA equipment:

KATE-210-R, KATE-214-R2 years / 20,000,000 cycles
KATE-220-R, КАТЕ-228-R1 year / unlimited
KATE-228-MR, KATE-210-BR1 year / unlimited
KATE-210-SR, KATE-214-SR1 year / unlimited
KATE-210-R30, KATE-214-R301 year / unlimited
KATE-210-CR, KATE-214-CR1 year / unlimited
KATE-210-KR, KATE-214-KR1 year / unlimited
KATE-210-LT, KATE-210-LV1 year / unlimited
BERTHA-116-L1 year / unlimited
AMATA-CW1 year / unlimited
AMATA-MD1 year / unlimited

The warranty period for certain specific elements may not coincide with the warranty period for the main equipment.

Consumables and lubricants, other items used or subject to wear and tear during normal operation are not subject to warranty replacement.


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Place an order for service or spare parts:

    AMATA SCALE is not liable if the consumer fails to comply with the conditions for transportation, storage, installation, installation, connection to the power grid, commissioning and subsequent operation of the equipment specified in the technical documentation.

    More information about the terms of warranty service, you can find here: AMATA SCALE Warranty Rules

    If the warranty period has expired or was interrupted, you can still contact us and order the maintenance of your equipment. The cost of such service will be calculated based on the number and complexity of work.

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