Packed with vitamins

Packed with vitamins

In the spring, waiting for fresh fruit, we want to replenish the supply of vitamins and essential minerals with something natural and tasty. The ideal option is dried fruit. They improve the immune system, protect against vitamin deficiencies, replace harmful sweets and sugars for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

The necessity to preserve fruits and berries in travel arose a long time ago. Sun-dried fruit was stored much longer and did not take up much space, so the technology of drying fruits and berries for harvesting appeared. For the first time this technology has been applied in the countries of the Middle East and Asia.

Nowadays convective technology is the most common method of drying fruit is considered to be.

Special furnaces with electric heating elements are used to heat the air in modern factories for the production of dried fruits,. Fruits are washed, cut and spread on trays in ovens. Due to the constantly maintained heat, the moisture evaporates and the fruit dries. The process is conducted without stopping – the dried fruit is taken out and sent to the shop for packaging, and in their place comes the next batch.

If the drying technology is not broken, almost all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for full-fledged work, the heart, liver, and the gastrointestinal tract remain in the fruits.

Dried fruit packaging is usually carried out using multihead weighers. We recommend two types of dispensers depending on the type of dried fruit.

Dosing of raisins, dried apricots, figs, dates – relatively dry products – can be carried out on typical vibration systems, for example, KATE-210-R and KATE-214-R dispensers are recommended. These typical multiheads with 10 or 14 weight pockets allow to achieve high performance with the required packing accuracy. In addition, it is necessary to note the optimal pricing policy for typical solutions of AMATA. For many manufacturers this is a decisive factor when purchasing packing equipment.

If the product is more sticky, such as prunes, we recommend using solutions with a screw distribution of the product according to the weight system – KATE-210-SR and KATE-214-SR dispensers. Also, it is recommended to supplement the indicated dispensers with the “Duck-Mouth” bunker-synchronizer, which is specially designed for working with sticky and non-slip products. The dosing speed is determined by the number of weight pockets – 10 or 14. The customer can always choose the performance depending on the speed of the existing process line.

AMATA equipment is produced for packing dried fruit in accordance with all necessary requirements and standards. All elements of the grocery tract that are in contact with the product are made of stainless steel permitted for use in the food industry. When packing sticky products, individual elements of the product path can be covered with a teflon layer to reduce adhesion.


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