Packaging of vitamins for animals

Packaging of vitamins for animals

The topic of pets is becoming more and more relevant today. We take care of the health of our pets by choosing not only food for them, but also vitamins.

An extensive segment of the pet products market is occupied by:

  • pills;
  • capsules;
  • pills;
  • chewing pads with herbs;
  • brewer’s yeast in the form of pressed tablets;
  • multivitamin treats.

Such products are often packed in quantity in containers of various volumes, cans and bags.

For packing vitamins for animals according to the account, AMATA SCALE suggests using the AMATA-MILITA-310 counting dispenser model.

  • AMATA-MILITA-310 is a special dispenser designed for packing small-piece products according to the bill.
  • It is the optimal solution for dosing any piece of medicines, vitamins and biological additives.
  • 10 streams provide a capacity of up to 60 doses per minute.
  • Two gates allow the dispenser to work simultaneously with two packaging machines. The dispenser can also work with one packer. In this case, the gates work alternately, and the productivity increases by 2 times.
  • Dosing is carried out using three-level vibrating trays in accordance with a given amount of a piece product.

Video of the test launch of the MILITA counting dispenser on the customer’s product-vitamins for pets.

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