Gummy bears – packing on the AMATA dispenser

Gummy bears – packing on the AMATA dispenser

For several years AMATA has been a reliable supplier of equipment for confectionery manufacturing companies. Our equipment is successfully used for weighing sweets, gingerbread, marshmallows, confectionery straws and other sweets loved by everyone. In this list, marmalade is far from the last. In the Projects section, you can learn more about the already implemented projects for the packaging of gummy products (gummy bears, chewing snakes).

Fruit jelly is a sweet product obtained from fruit puree or juice boiled with sugar, with the addition of a gelling component (agar-agar, gelatin, pectin, etc.). It got its name in the 16th century thanks to French pastry chefs who borrowed it from the Portuguese language. The word marmelada means quince marshmallow. Citrus fruits (lemon and orange slices) and various berries are the classic flavors of marmalade. Usually the pieces of the treat are covered with a layer of granulated sugar. It is worth highlighting chewing marmalade, which has a denser structure and a variety of tastes and shapes. For example, bears, animal figures, hearts, flowers, various geometric shapes.

To a more viscous structure, chewing gum is distinguished by a high degree of adhesion, which can interfere with its safe packaging. The vibrating trays habitual for dispensing a product of this type can deform the soft surface of the sweetness. These tasks were faced by the specialists of the AMATA company when working with a customer. One of the largest manufacturers of sweets and chewing gum. It was decided to use a conveyor system to move the product into weighing baskets.

The KATE-228-MR dispenser has been designed and built, which uses mini-conveyors to feed the product instead of the traditional vibration-based technology. The chewing marmalade was protected from deformation and the risk of sweets sticking to the parts of the dispenser was also reduced. To address the issue of increased product stickiness all surfaces of the grocery tract can be covered with an antiadhesive layer.

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