Line setup. KATE-R | AMATA 250CW

Line setup. KATE-R | AMATA 250CW

Weight combination (multihead) two-level dispenser AMATA KATE-210-R with 10 weight pockets is designed for accurate dosing of small, medium and large fraction products.

The most popular is AMATA-KATE-R model in our pipette range, versatile in volume, size and price. Various configurations depend on the characteristics of your product.

The customer was supplied with four AMATA-KATE-210-RME radial feeders with a smooth working surface, vibrating trays and feed drive. Specifications of the product is herbal jelly candies, poisoned tartlets, soufflé candy, glazed and unglazed sponge wafers, glazed grassy mini bars.


Kinematic Speed, max – 70 bpm

Tare, min – 0.015 kg

Tare, max – 1.5 kg

Combination Accuracy – 0.1 g

No. of Scales – 10 pcs

Hopper Volume – 2500 cc

Power Consumption – 3.3 kW

Dust/Water Protection – IP 54

To check the quality of the goods its weight and subsequent rejection in case of underweight or overweight in the package. AMATA 250CW has been put on the line. Dynamic scales (conveyor scales or checkweighers) designed to control the weight of various commodity units (controlled objects): used product packages, piece products, boxes, etc.

The AMATA-CW-L-250-01 checkweigher belt direction is from left to right, the belt width is 250 mm, one rejector is also included in the package.

Dynamic scales AMATA-CW-L-250 are also equipped with the option of metrological verification, light and sound alarm in case of emergencies. Signal lamps and other signaling devices have signs and inscriptions indicating the meaning of the signals, such as: on, off and heating, etc.

The process of dynamic monitoring of compliance with the standards in the constant monitoring of dependent objects through the weighing conveyor. A collection basket is used to receive the rejected product from the steel collection.


Conveyor belt width – 250 mm

Discreteness of counting weight – 0.1 g

Length of controlled object, max – 350 mm

Weight of controlled object – 10 – 1500 gr

Productivity, max – 100 pcs/min

Conveyor belt speed, max – 50 m/min

Weight platform length – 500 mm

Height to the weight platform – 720 – 950 mm

Degree of protection – IP 65

Working pressure in the pneumatic system – 0.6 MPa

Average power consumption – 0.5 kW

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