Russian equipment with Austrian quality

Russian equipment with Austrian quality

The next AMATA combination weigher works in the Far East now. AMATA SCALE designed and manufactured a unique weight dispenser KATE-210-R30 for one of the large confectionery factories in the Far East. Due to design features this multihead is optimal for working with fragile and delicate products: gingerbread, cookies, muffins, cracker, and so on. The kinematic performance of the dispenser can reach 60 doses per minute, while the process of packing will be careful, which minimizes the likelihood of deformation of the product.

All electronic components of the dispenser are manufactured in Austria at the B&R Automation factory. These are our long-standing and reliable partners in the field of automation. Close cooperation with Austrian colleagues allows the Russian AMATA equipment to be distinguished by increased reliability, and also provides an opportunity to carry out maintenance throughout the world.

As all other units of AMATA equipment, the KATE-210-R30 dispenser is equipped with the ability to connect to any production management systems, which allows to automate all the technical processes occurring in the customer’s production areas.

The control system of the dispenser has a storage designed for an unlimited number of personal settings (recipes), which in a matter of seconds can be activated by pressing a few buttons. This is especially important in industries with a large range of products, as well as when working with SCADA-systems, when there is a significant amount of information.

Darius Navickas, AMATA SCALE Commercial Director:

Now our potential customers are looking for high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. It is quality that plays an increasing role in the decision to choose one or another supplier of equipment. We can give all this – high-tech and high-quality Russian-made equipment at reasonable prices. Moreover, our equipment is unique in the Russian market. Thanks to our own software, we were able to implement a number of additional functions that simplify the work of operators, make it more convenient.

It should be additionally noted that AMATA SCALE is a complete production cycle, a wide range of filling and control equipment, as well as timely and high-quality service.