Let’s talk about crumbly curd

Let’s talk about crumbly curd

It is such a tasty and healthy fermented milk product, rich in protein, essential amino acids and calcium. Vitamins, macro-and micronutrients that are included in its composition, provide prevention of liver diseases and contribute to the strengthening of bone tissue. All this is about cottage cheese, which has recently become increasingly popular.

Due to the ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus, cottage cheese is recommended to be included in the diet of future and lactating mothers.

Skim cheese, containing more protein than the classic nine percent product, is often included in many diets.

It should be noted that the content of protein cottage cheese is not inferior to fish or meat, but is absorbed by the body much easier. In addition, cottage cheese is a fermented product, which means it can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

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Increased consumer demand makes cottage cheese more attractive for entrepreneurs. At present, the production of cottage cheese is carried out on lines of any capacity — both at large factories and at small local enterprises. At the same time, all the abundance of the produced curd products can be divided into three types: classic curd (crumbly), granulated curd and soft curd. The physical characteristics of each of the types influence the choice of one or another type of packing equipment.

Soft cottage cheese and granulated cottage cheese are considered a fluid and highly viscous product. These types of cottage cheese, as a rule, are packaged in plastic containers — trays or cups – using rotary-type machines, which first carry out the dosing of the product, and then the capping of the container. Now more and more, such machines are completed with additional units: a dosing unit for adding jam, cream or dry additives, a device for sealing with foil, a bactericidal processing unit, etc.

The classical curd is crumbly in its structure, which makes its packaging a more complex process.

Previously, only parchment or foil briquettes were found on the shelves. The shelf life of cottage cheese in such packaging is rather short, the product quickly deteriorates and requires increased attention to storage conditions.

The capabilities of modern equipment allow packaging of classic cottage cheese into plastic containers and three-seam bags. Due to the increased tightness, the shelf life of the product in such packaging can be extended to 20-30 days.

cottage cheese package

Taking into account new trends in the field of classic curd packaging, AMATA SCALE developed a special line of combinator dispensers that can quickly and accurately pack up this complex product in a plastic container or a “flow-pack” package.

The dispenser includes two dispensers: KATE-210-CR with 10 weight pockets and KATE-214-CR with 14 weight pockets. The auger distribution of cottage cheese through the storage baskets allows you to load the grocery tract consistently and carefully. Due to the special design features of the baskets, the cottage cheese does not stick to the walls and sash, which increases the dosing accuracy and hygiene of the packaging process.

The performance of multiheads dispensers of the new line can reach 70 doses per minute. At the same time the accuracy of dosing remains quite high, the discreteness of reading the weight is only 0.1 grams.

The unique software developed by the experts of AMATA SCALE makes the control process of the dosing unit easy and fast. The basic equipment already includes a recipe selection system using a bar code and the ability to integrate equipment into an automation and enterprise management system.

Leading manufacturers of crumbly curd have already become interested in the new AMATA KATE-CR line. One of the projects was implemented in the Lipetsk region for a large producer of dairy products, which made it possible to increase the productivity of the filling and packaging process for cottage cheese, as well as to fully automate the production line.

The head of the AMATA SCALE design department, Evgeny Kunitsyn said:

The emergence of such special multihead dispensers expands the scope of their application as a whole. Previously, only dry bulk products were packaged on multiheads, today we can already dispense curd – a sticky and moist product. In addition, thanks to the combination dosing, the speed and accuracy of the packaging increases significantly, which was previously unavailable for cottage cheese producers.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the dispensers of AMATA can be integrated into any process line, they have the ability to interface with any packaging machine. Thus the packaging can be carried out in any container, regardless of its shape or material.

AMATA SCALE equipment is reliability, convenience and ease of operation at a reasonable price. Contact our managers and learn more about the possibility of dispensing and packing classic crumbly curd:

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