NEW! Flow weight control system by AMATA SCALE

NEW! Flow weight control system by AMATA SCALE

We are pleased to present you our new product – a System for controlling the weight of products in the stream. The system is designed to measure the weight of products in the production line and transfer the measured values to the customer’s accounting or automation system for further data processing.

The mechanical part of the product weight control system in the stream consists of two hoppers – storage and weight.

The product flow enters the storage hopper, which carries out the intermediate accumulation of the product. Then the product enters the weight hopper, which measures the weight and transfers the obtained value to the accounting system.

Also, using the presented system, it is possible to separate the product into separate flows, if, for example, it is necessary to package the same product in different packages for different retailers.

The software part of the product weight control system in the stream allows you to transfer data on the weight of the product that passed through the line for a given unit of time to the user accounting or automation system.

The developed system allows accounting for all products passing through the production line. It is also possible to record ingredients or other raw materials involved in the production cycle. The main goal of the new system is to provide the ability to quickly manage production and packaging processes, depending on the user’s order plan.

The head of the design department of AMATA Evgeny Kunitsyn noted:

We have already successfully implemented such a project at one of the largest food factories in the Moscow region. Our system collects information about the product that went through the line for each shift. Due to such accounting, the owner of the factory receives daily reports on the real productivity of the factory and can track product flows by individual types. All this allows us to automate production and optimize resources for each production cycle.

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