AMATA SCALE projects. Assorted caramel

AMATA SCALE projects. Assorted caramel

For several years of work AMATA SCALE specialists have developed several dozen projects — implemented options for weighing dosing of various products in Russia and abroad. We would like to announce that we are working on a new section of our website. We talk there about significant projects that are really and successfully working.

For each case we offer information about the tasks that need to be solved by the client. The solution proposed by AMATA we additionally talk about the production line and the features of the equipmentю And we taking into account the specifics of a particular production company. Equipment created to solve a specific issue for a specific product.

We are ready to consider every non-standard equipment request. As an example the confectionery manufacturing enterprises in the Moscow region it was planned to release a new type of product — candies in individual packages. The main task was to assort five types of mini-caramel. As a solution it was proposed to make a set of assorted candies in required proportions due to the synchronous emptying of several food hoppers.

One of the new developments of AMATA was applied in this project. It is a system for mixing individual varieties of product suitable for creating a mixture of different products or different varieties of product. For example a mixture of different types of caramel or nuts, spices, snacks.

You can read more about this project on our website in the corresponding section. For more information about the batch mixing system itself, see the Equipment section.

We would like to offer you to have a look on other implemented AMATA SCALE solutions for production in the Projects section. Information on projects will be updated. Stay with us! 

Our managers are always ready to answer any questions about equipment and service.